Marine Insurance

We have a well-diversified marine portfolio serviced by a customer-focused team of professionals. Our Marine Dept. is well equipped not only to provide you with appropriate coverage at the most reasonable price but also valuable tips on risk management. The products available can broadly be categorised into three divisions:


Insurance covering transportation of all kinds of goods irrespective of their mode of conveyance, i.e. Sea / Air. Depending on frequency and turnover, coverage can be procured either for individual shipment or on annual basis. The facility is available to protect Sellers / Buyers interests as well.


Insurance covering transportation of all kinds of goods by inland means inside Syria.

It covers road risks which include loss and / or damage – total and / or partial – to the subject matter insured, caused by Fire and/or Collision or Overturning of the carrying vehicle.


Insurance covering hull business like Yachts insurance and recreational boats for individuals & touristic companies which covers the losses or damages to insured unites.

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